Seremban, Malaysia
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About www.serembanlah.my

Serembanlah is a low-cost marketplace e-commerce platform designed to help Seremban SME merchants of varieties of products or services to market and reach out to customers. It enables merchants to create a brand, sell, receive payment, and deliver their products all in one place. No internet experience needed. We take good care of our team members and reward them well for their hard work. That is why we have put in place a very attractive commission and reward package so members will enjoy the benefits and achieve their life goals with us. We want our team members to succeed and grow with the company. Outstanding members will be offered a senior position within the company to help build this philosophy further so we can help more people like yourself to be a high-achiever and succeed. We help people to help more people. That is our company philosophy. 10% of our net profit will be channeled to charitable communities. We want to extend a helping hand to our community and play a part as a social solution.

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08 Feb 2021

EKSEKUTIF JUALAN DIGITAL, RM1,900 RM24,000 (PENGAMBILAN SEGERA) SEREMBAN, NEGERI SEMBILAN PENDAPATAN BULANAN RM1,900 RM24,000 MATLAMAT UNTUK KEBEBASAN KEWANGAN • Tidak ada pendidikan tinggi? • Tidak cukup pengalaman kerja? • Tidak pandai berniaga? • Tidak ada harapan sama sekali? Tetapi anda…

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08 Feb 2021

DIGITAL SALES EXECUTIVE, RM1,900 to RM24,000 (IMMEDIATE HIRING) SEREMBAN, NEGERI SEMBILAN MONTHLY INCOME RM1,900 RM24,000 YOUR PATH TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM • No high education? • Not enough work experience? • Not good in business? • No hope at all? But…